About us

A century-long legacy of passion for cacao and chocolate

Héctor J. Rizek Llabaly, born in  1931, President of Rizek Cacao, one of the most important exporting groups in the Dominican Republic that handles a high percentage of organic cacao production, process & export.

Humble Beginnings

A family business since 1905, led today by its fourth and fifth generations.
The Rizek’s are cacao growers, processors and exporters.

We have come a long way

Center for the Integral Transformation of Cacao (CETICO), a unique facility conceived by Rizek Cacao to produce the best, distinctive cacao.

A fully-integrated post-harvest cacao processing center, located in the heartland of Dominican cacao: the Duarte province.

Rizek Today

Our mission is to provide continuity to the tradition of cacao. Every generation has instilled their spirit of innovation and passion.

Our products represent our commitment to quality and excellence

We have achieved many milestones thanks to our profound work ethic and passion for cacao.


We promote the selection of the best varieties availablein the country by means of grafting i.e. asexual reproduction. As a result, there are Rizek named clones that stand out for their yield and tasting qualities.


We believe that discipline in production protocols, is key to obtaining true quality value fermentation and drying can be induced and controlled to a certain extent. This limit of control has to be pushed continuously further.


We believe in certifications not as simple endorsement of a compliance scheme, but because they represent a true commitment to a system of values and practices that are crucial to the sustainability of the cacao sector.


Microbiology and biochemistry shed a meaningful light on the mystery of the creation of aromas.