Innovating our way up the value chain

Throughout the years, the Group has diversified into numerous areas of business, having controlling interest in a vast number of companies, with presence in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean region and South America.

The acceptance and growth of our brand in the Dominican Republic allowed us to open our first concept store in the United States. Creativity, talent and experience have driven us to expand our product lines beyond the traditional recipes that were initially conceived.

Kahkow & Kahkow USA

Kahkow USA is a store, a workshop and a space that showcases the best in the farm-to-bar industry. It is a one-stop-shop for craft chocolate makers, and prosumers in quest of the finest ingredients for their creations. We’re proud to present cacao and chocolate lovers the richness and the infinite possibilities offered by real farms in the Dominican Republic.

Today, we are the largest fine and flavor cacao processor and exporter in the Dominican Republic. No project is too small, contact us to learn more.

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Rizek Essentials

A selection of highly distinctive beans along with the unique capacity to tailor-make cacao bean recipes for and with our clients.Individual flavors that can be as far apart from each other as a Sauternes from a Médoc.

Available in the processing stage of your preference: beans, nibs, mass, butter or powder.

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A non-profit created by Rizek Cacao to help plant and rehabilitate cacao farms. The foundation provides free technical assistance in order to help cacao farmers improve their yields and cacao quality, making it possible for them to ultimately transitioning into organic farming.

The producers affiliated to FUPAROCA, Inc., are included in the certifications of organic agriculture, sustainable, social responsibility and fair trade.

The Foundation is committed to its members by developing a set of tasks and programs.

These programs support the development of cacao communities by improving their quality of life, preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

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El Sendero del Cacao

At San Francisco de Macorís we welcome you to our farm, La Esmeralda, where you´ll be able to enjoy an interactive and educational tour of the Dominican cacao and chocolate.

Since 2008, we have received visitors from all over the world who wish to learn and share our passion for cacao and chocolate.

Discover the fascinating secrets of delicious chocolate and its importance to the history and culture of the Dominican Republic.

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Kahkow Experience

At the colonial city of Santo Domingo we invite you to enjoy chocolate in a way you've never seen before. Come and learn about the process of chocolate making in an experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Get to know the origins of the delicious chocolates, and create your own chocolate bar with your favorite inclusions.

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